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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

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The Powerful Potential of a Portable NPWT Device

John McKenzie battled a painful bed sore wound that refused to heal. Then, he was outfitted with a portable NPWT device from Medela, and within weeks...

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The Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Switch Worth Making

How Medela made our Hospital’s Transition Seamless. When the executive board at Kaleida Health in Western New York decided to switch from their existing...

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The genesis of NPWT: Listen to Dr. Katherine Jeter!

At WOCNext’s Innovation Hub, Dr. Katherine Jeter took us through the early development and testing of Closed Suction Wound Drainage...

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Looking for a partner committed to NPWT? The numbers you need to know

As a healthcare provider considering your options in NPWT, you want to know the partner you select shares your commitment to improving patient care.

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Why portable NPWT systems reduce wound vac costs?

In today’s value-based healthcare economy, every service line is feeling extraordinary pressure. They not only need to raise the quality of care, but also...

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Improving patient compliance with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

As a wound care nurse, you’ve likely seen this same scenario a hundred times: A patient makes excellent progress with wound vac...

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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Devices & Dressings

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